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Seth Troxler

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Dance music legend, Tuskegee Music label owner and party-loving iconoclast–Seth Troxler was known for his hectic lifestyle and unique sense of humour, including sensational interviews, bizarre press photos, and exuberant performances. But last year, the Detroit native went through some significant life changes. Whilst starting a family, he shifted his focus towards building his legacy, as well as protecting and preserving the culture and heritage of house music. In this episode, Troxler discusses the serendipitous happenings that led to big transformations in his life, his long relationship with CircoLoco and Ibiza, and his latest venture Dream Access Television: a live-streaming show inspired by old-school public access TV channels in North America.

Aziz Sarr (RISE) and Naomi Phillips

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RISE is one of Germany’s most vital and vibrant club crews. Having recently been awarded the Tag der Clubkultur award, we catch up with creative director Aziz Sarr and filmmaker Naomi Phillips to speak about their latest project, the documentary “Above and Beyond - The Global Rise of Afro House,” which explores the roots of afro house featuring artists like Hyenah, Osunlade or Thandi Draai and why in Berlin, the so-called “capital of electronic music,” the genre still hasn’t reached the same heights as in South Africa.


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Es ist fast schon eine klischeehafte Geschichte: FJAAK, die damals noch zu viert waren (Felix Wagner, Johannes Wagner, Aaron Röbig und Kevin Kozicki) wachsen im provinziellen Spandau auf und experimentieren schon früh mit Musikproduktionen. Sie sind alle musikalisch begabt, spielen auf illegalen Raves im Wald und sollten schon bald die Berliner Dancefloors erreichen. Ihren ersten offiziellen Auftritt haben sie mit 16 Jahren im Berliner Club Rekorder, 2012 die ersten Platten auf Fritz Kalkbrenners Label Baalsaal Records und 2013 den ersten Gig im Berghain. Mit ‚Don’t Leave Me‘ bringen sie 2014 ihren ersten Clubbanger heraus und FJAAK schaffen es in die limitierte Reihe von 50 Weapons, dem Sub-Label von Modeselektors Monkeytown. Zuletzt haben FJAAK mit SYS03 die dritte Folge der Serie ‚SaveYourScene‘ herausgebracht, um Clubs, die ihnen besonders am Herz liegen, während des Lockdowns zu unterstützen.

Mit Gesine sprechen sie über ihren gemeinsamen Weg vom Keller-Studio auf die Dancefloors der Welt, den Aufbau von Spandau20, der Liebe zu ihrer Community und was es mit dem Begriff „Cannaisseure“ auf sich hat.

Nina Kraviz

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The producer and DJ Nina Kraviz is one of the most famous and successful artists in the techno world. Born in Irkutsk, Siberia, she fell in love with electronic music through listening to radio transmissions. Kraviz initially moved to Moscow to study dentistry, and after a brief stint in her band MySpaceRocket, she went solo with a string of productions on Efdemin's Naïf, Jus-Ed's Underground Quality, and Matt Edwards' Rekids. Her 2011 single “Ghetto Kraviz” and subsequent eponymous debut album catapulted her to into the spotlight, but she continued building her legacy as a champion of the underground with her expertly curated трип label. We spoke to Kraviz hot off the release of her new single “Skyscrapers”—her first solo release since 2019, and a bold journey into pop music. In this rare interview, Kraviz talks about her connection to home, her unusual career journey, and her love of the pop sounds of Roxy Music and using her voice as an instrument.

MISBHV (Tomek Wirski)

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The origin story of Polish brand MISBHV reads like a modern fashion fairytale. In London for a summer job during her law degree, Natalia Maczek fell in love with fashion and music. Back in Warsaw, she started making T-shirts for friends to wear at her creative partner Tomek Wirski’s parties. By 2015, they had set up a showroom in Paris and caught the attention of luxury fashion retailer Browns, who requested to distribute their collection.

Since then, the club-wear / high fashion hybrid brand has shown at New York Fashion Week and launched a music label with contributions by Wolfram, DJ Hell, and Live From Earth’s MCNZI. Worn by Rihanna and most recently VTSS and LSDXOXO in their “Goin Nuts” music video, MISBHV has cemented its status as one of the defining brands of today’s club culture.

In the podcast, MISBHV’s Tomek Wirski explains the ethos of the brand, their intuitive approach to decision-making, and why their latest project is a meditation record.

Gaspard Augé (Justice)

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Gaspard Augé has always been obsessed with making larger-than-life music. Known to many as one half of Justice, the duo that united rock and rave in the mid-2000s and whose smash dancefloor hits defined a generation, his debut album, Escapades, is his most ambitious and satisfying solo effort to date. It's full of bombastic playfulness, sprawling dreamscapes, and heartfelt sugar rushes. In this episode, Gaspard Augé tells us about the cinematic inspirations behind the epic sounds on Escapades and what it was like to record the album in iconic Parisian studios Enterprise, and Motorbass Studios, the former home of the late great Philippe Zdar of Cassius. He also talks us through his formative years shaping the seminal Ed Banger imprint with friends and collaborators So Me, SebastiAn, Mr. Oizo, and the late DJ Mehdi, among others.


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The last fifteen months haven’t been easy. Everyone’s life has been drastically altered without warning, and many young people are left with anxieties about what the future has in store for them. Enter Project Futureproof, a European initiative launched by Deutsche Telekom to give the next generation confidence in their career aspirations and explore new pathways, despite the current situation. Equipped with the new Project Futureproof app, you can hopefully find answers to these questions. After all, there are also many kinds of creative professions out there.In this episode, Jakob dials up three young creatives with vastly different but equally fascinating careers. We’ll hear from 22-year-old fashion designer Zec Elie-Meiré, 26-year-old BBC broadcaster and DJ Jaguar, and 27-year-old character designer Katie Menzies. They tell us how they turned their passion into a profession, how to cope with setbacks, and how, even for them, the journey to a fulfilling creative career was less than clear from the beginning.

Rosa Anschütz

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In der heutigen Podcastfolge spricht Jakob mit der transmedialen Künstlerin Rosa Anschütz. Die junge Künstlerin wuchs in West-Berlin auf und tauchte bereits als Teenager in die Clubs der Hauptstadt ein. Zu ihren Fans zählen unter anderem Ellen Allien und Kobosil, der 2019 zu ihrer Single “Rigid” einen Remix beisteuerte. Letzten Herbst erschien ihr Debütalbum Votive, welches über die letzten drei Jahre hinweg in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Berliner Produzenten Jan Wagner entstanden ist. Auf Votive, was soviel wie ‘Opfergabe’ bedeutet, schafft Rosa Anschütz ein zeremonielles Ambiente. Der Sound ihres Albums ist teils stark mit Effekten beladen. So wechselt ihre Stimme zwischen gesprochenem Wort und Gesang, eingehüllt in wärmende Gitarren-, Bass- und Synthesizer Sounds. Im Interview erzählt sie uns von ihrem kreativen Arbeitsprozess, welcher stark auf Intuition aufgebaut ist, und wie ihr Umzug nach Wien für ihr Studium der transmedialen Künste neue Perspektiven geschaffen hat. Außerdem gibt sie uns Hoffnung auf einen baldigen Repress der Vinyl-Version von Votive, das aktuell bei Discogs für einen dreistelligen Betrag angeboten wird.

Post-Lockdown Clubbing Worldwide

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In some countries around the world, the pandemic caused only a mere blip in the social calendar. Currently, Europe still remains in the throes of an extended lockdown, with many venues silent for over a year, that it seems only mass inoculation will be able to revive. In China and Taiwan, the unmasked abandon of a packed dancefloor has been a mainstay since last April. In Israel, after over five million vaccinations, the nighttime economy is now nearly in full swing. Meanwhile, in Accra, Ghana, people congregate at open-air venues. Why is this? An overlap of government policies, virus policy precedents, and cultural conduct play a major role. Artists Amichay Matyas, Rui Ho, Tzusing, and Gafacci offer their personal, divergent perspectives on post-lockdown clubbing.

Clubkultur in Krisenzeiten #2

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Die Lockdown-Lage in Berlin ist bedrückend. Während Stars wie Skepta, Virgil Abloh und slowthai im Berghain zu Modenschauen gehen und im Soho House feiern, warten die Akteure der Berliner Musikszene seit über einem Jahr darauf, zu einer Normalität mit gefüllten Tanzflächen zurückzukehren. In dieser Folge des Telekom Electronic Beats Podcasts geht Moderatorin Gesine Kühne auf die Straßen Berlins, um Clubbetreiber*innen, DJs und Tänzer*innen zu fragen, wie sich ihr Leben verändert hat und wie sie psychisch mit der Situation umgehen. Clubkultur ist schließlich auch ein Synonym für Nähe und Gemeinschaft—genau das fehlt uns durch die Pandemie. Außerdem gibt der deutsche Politiker Klaus Lederer, Senator für Kultur und Europa in Berlin, einen Einblick in das komplexe Regelwerk, mit dem die Regierung Clubnächte dennoch erlauben kann.

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