RinseFM, MET Gala, Grimes on AI Music

Show notes

Slimzee left Rinse FM after almost 30 years. In this episode we are meeting DJ Juba to take a closer look at the station that played a massive role in shaping entire genres like grime or dubstep and to talk about the impact Rinse FM has had on herself and music culture as a whole. Plus: MET Gala-looks dedicated to Karl Lagerfeld and his cat, people buying vinyl without listening to it, Grime’s progressive approach to deal with AI in music, workers at YouTube Music unionising and this week’s recommendation comes from Nicola Mazzetti who owns Serendeepity, the oldest and most influential record shop in Milan.

The Week is a production by Telekom Electronic Beats and ACB Stories. Host: OttO Kent Writers for this episode: Aaron Gonsher, Carlos Steurer and Jacob Sperber Edit and sound design: Marc Übel Lead Producer: Isabel Woop

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Listen to Piero Umiliani, Donato Dozzy, Katatonic Silentio, Heith and Train To Eltanin.

Check out the RA Exchange podcast episode with Rinse FM’s founder Geeneus. Here you can find the BBC documentary “The last pirates” on YouTube. Listen to Juba’s show on RinseFM. Here you can dig into “Extra Time” on Oroko Radio.

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