Bill Bernstein - New York, Disco & Photography


Joining us on this Electronic Beats podcast is the iconic documentary photographer Bill Bernstein who talks with us fresh off the back of the recent release of his new book ‘Last Dance’. A photographic glimpse through Disco’s hey days at some of the genre’s most revered affiliate club spaces such as Studio 54, Paradise Garage and Mudd Club.

Bernstein’s work has captured the heart and soul of the Disco scene of 1970’s New York, the beginnings of club culture and its accompanying fashion, style and the feelings of freedom and liberation that come with it. He’s also been Sir Paul McCartney’s personal photographer since 1989, photographed Keith Richards and even delved back into the contemporary electronic music scene of New York to photograph the people of Brooklyn’s current nightlife and club circuit in the project ‘Brooklyn Nites’.

Tune in for a conversation between Bernstein and our host Lindi Delight full of wonderment and discovery.

Please note - this podcast was recorded remotely over the internet so please excuse any sound quality reduction experienced while listening.

Exhibition: Glitterbox Presents Last Dance, 19-29 April 2022 The Basement, 23 Curtain Road, EC2A 3LT Free entry Mon-Fri, from 11am-5pm

The Last Dance book, as well as other items from Bill Bernstein’s collection, are now available to buy online from Defected.

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